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Flower Gardeners II

24HRSZENELIFLOWSERS  |  04/11/2011 15:41:18
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Welcome, flower gardeners! (Part 2) Introducing Barbara Martin?? new Flower Gardens: future flower gardening articles, advice, how-to tips, techniques, new flower varieti

(Missed Part One of the Welcome Message? Catch it here!

Coming Up Soon in Flower Gardens

So much of gardening is trial and error and passing along our experiences -- for better or worse. We can all share and learn from each other, that's the time honored way for gardeners to learn and grow. During the months ahead, we'll have new Flower Gardens articles about twice a week and additional tidbits of advice and how-to information as fast as I can crank them out!

Help Me Help YOU Be a Better Flower Gardener!

As we travel this garden path together, I'll be passing along timely tips and suggestions plus information about what's new in flower gardening. Let me know what you are working on, wondering about, dreaming of ... or having trouble with. Do the Polls on the Welcome Page, too. I'll do my best to help you succeed with your flowers. And when things turn out great, tell us about that!!

Contact Barbara Martin

If you need to know something right away, please use the Flower Gardens discussion area to ask and I'll get to it within a day or two if not sooner. If you email me, make sure to put my address in your address book so my reply gets through.

A Special Welcome to Cottage Gardeners

A very special welcome to those of you who have read my earlier Cottage Garden topic at or my columns for the National Gardening Association over the years. It's great to be back writing on-line once again and I am so excited about this topic. You already know flower gardens are so close to my heart, asking me to name my favorite flower is like asking me to select between my children: I love them all!

Tell Your Friends!

And if you enjoy Flower Gardens, please invite your flower gardening friends to join us as we play in the flower garden together. The more, the merrier!

Starting your first flower garden? Don't miss

Flower Garden Basics!

Welcome to Barbara Martin's Flower Gardens!


All Flower Gardens Articles So Far

Copyright 2006 Barbara M. Martin

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